Ground Rules

  • You must be over the age of 18.
  • Your photo and chosen alias will appear on our model page.
  • If you wish to promote the goods or services you provide, you must run a blog in conjunction with modeling for us. You will be given your own “” url to use.
  • The photos/videos taken for Sole Project must be exclusive to Sole Project and will be watermarked. 
  • You will be responsible for submitting at least one photoset each week; containing at least one clear photo with both your face and foot/feet in the set.
  • Going longer than a week without adding content to your Dropbox folder or submitting a photoset, without prior notice, will be considered a lack of desire to continue modeling for Sole Project and will result in you forfeiting your 60% share of money made using your content.
  • Should you decide you no longer wish to model for Sole Project, your photos will remain up and accessible, however you forfeit your 60% of money made from the continued distribution of your content. To proceed and pursue the role of a model for Sole Project is acknowledgment of this.


  • You must provide two forms of identification. One of which must be a clear photo of your drivers license or state ID.
  • You will be provided a link to a personal Dropbox folder to upload/submit the photos you have taken for Sole Project, as well as the photos for your blog and custom orders you have filled.
  • We will charge customers a fee to access the Dropbox folder held in your name. This fee is based on the amount of content in your folder. You get 60% of this fee for having your pics hosted on our Dropbox account. 100% of the money you make from the goods and services you provide is your own. So count that 60% as a bonus.
  • You will be paid via PayPal. If you do not have one, you will need to set one up.

Only proceed if you have read through and agree to these guidelines and wish to become a model for Sole Project. Submit a photo your driver’s license and a clear, up-to-date photo of yourself here. Be sure to leave an email address at which you can typically be reached.