Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sole Project?

Sole Project is an organization dedicated to dismantling the negative stigma associated with feet so that people can love every part of their body. We started as a body positivity campaign on Tumblr. There, we showcased people proud to show off their feet, alongside their body, in order to take part in our mission. We have since evolved into a platform that enables supporters to feel empowered, as they both show off and monetize their feet, as models for our site. We maintain the integrity of our humble beginnings as we grow and find new ways to achieve our mission.  


Why Feet?

Many people, even if they are comfortable with their bodies, hate feet. Feet oftentimes get left out of the body positivity movement in place of loving your body shape/height/weight/size. Learning to love these aspects of yourself are key elements of body positivity, so our organization has created a series of campaigns to incorporate feet alongside these things.

Why do you need me?

We need anyone and everyone comfortable enough to show off their feet for this cause to do so. It’s the best way to show your support of the project. 


How does my contribution help you achieve your goals?

The more people see other people unashamed to show off their feet, the more people will realize they don’t need to be insecure of them. The more people see feet in a light other than gross, the better people will feel about their own. 

Can I make a donation?

YES! The money goes toward paying our models and photographers, keeping this page going, and the development of our upcoming app!