1. You must provide two forms of identification. One of which must be a clear photo of your drivers license or state ID.
  2. You will be provided a link to a personal dropbox folder to upload/submit the photos you have taken for Sole Project.
  3. There is a 30 day probationary period before becoming an official Sole Project photographer with the potential for compensation.
  4. During this probationary period, your photos will not be posted onto the Sole Project. However, if you are accepted as a photographer, the work you have produced during this time will be used by Sole Project.
  5. After your probationary period, your photo and legal name will appear on the photographer page along with your status as a photographer.


If you have read these guidelines and wish to become a photographer for Sole Project, submit a photo your driver’s license and a clear, up-to-date photo of yourself here. Be sure to leave an email address at which you can typically be reached.

Breach of these rules will result in public termination of your affiliation with Sole Project. Sole Project does not condone or excuse unlawful or unethical behavior by team members. These guidelines are subject to change.